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A little about powder coating

Anything that can withstand 400 degree curing temperature can be powder coated.

Steel, aluminum, stainless, pottery, glass or

masonry. We use the electrostatic application method. This method is spraying powder at an electrostatically charged part. Then baking until the powder liquifies. This produces an extremely smooth, even coating that is far superior to a painted surface. This coating can be wet-sanded and buffed just like automotive paint. Being that it is thicker and tougher, it can be resurfaced multiple times to rejuvenate the original shine and luster. 


We're here to help you with your powder coating needs. From matching existing colors to designing a color scheme to make your projects or products unique.

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Owned and operated by a motorsport enthusiast who integrates professional quality with speed, unmatched by any company in the industry. We are the best choice for powder coating in Columbus. Quickest turn-around on sandblasting in Columbus. We love what we do.